The Williams Family Session-Lake Oswego/Portland Area Photographer

"Two lil' kids with a flow you ain't ever heard
And none faking you can understand every word
As you listen to my cool school melody
The Daddy makes you J-U-M-P"

-Kriss Kross

It was a lovely September afternoon when I met the Williams family. As I type this , it is Halloween, pouring down rain and windy. Heavy rain AND wind is my least favorite weather combination. Hmmmm, no, make that heavy rain, wind and cold. Nope, snow. Snow, wind and cold is my least favorite. 

Ok, back on track. This day was beautiful. And this family was picture perfect!  So why the Kriss Kross lyrics? Why naturally because that song is awesome. Reminds me of my youth. And also because the song popped in my head when I thought of the Williams kiddos. Towards the end of our session the kiddos enjoyed jumping off my steps that I use for sessions. And they had some wicked jumping skills. 

So regardless of the downpour that is happening right now, I am going to get zombified anyway. I hope it stops in time for trick or treating! 

Thank you Williams family for choosing me to photograph your jumpin' family! Go forth and rock on!