Englen Maternity Session-Newberg/Portland, Oregon Photographer

         Laughing, floating bubbles bouncing by
Lifting, soaring upwards towards the sky
Each contains a scene from childhood dreams
Keep the bubbles bouncing and be free- Brian Cox 2001
Blowing Bubbles, Maternity session

I could have photographed this sweet young family all.day.long.  Usually toddlers have a 10 minute time frame for photos.....as do dad's. However, Jared and his daughter were really into this session as well as momma-to-be Megan. Photo sessions are extra fun when everyone is relaxed and wants to be there. Jared and Megan brought bubbles for little E to play with; a sure fire way to bring out the fun, even for the adults. What is it about bubbles that just makes one feel carefree? Well, at least that's how I feel about bubbles. I can't help but smile watching a child face light up from blowing bubbles, watching them float and trying to pop them (or if you are my boys, trying to sword them). 

What's so funny to me is that even when it was time to get photos of just Jared and Megan, their sweet daughter wanted to be in them too. That rarely happens! She would come up and squeeze her face in between theirs or come up and hug on mommy or daddy. Such a sweet girl, so loving. When I was getting a photo of Jared and Megan, I asked them to kiss so Lil' E came over and joined them in their kiss. I had a different vision of the photo but that is what I love so much about photo sessions. I give guidance and you bring yourself and be yourself, interact and we will see what unfolds. It's fantastic when these things come together. 

Megan  was so fun to work with. She brought a hat and when she put it on, a different side of her came out. It was fantastic! Megan is expecting her second daughter in July. I believe lil' E is going to be a doting big sister, gentle and affectionate. 

I foresee many days of the Englen sisters blowing bubbles together and giggling as they try to pop them all. 

Thank you Englen family for letting me capture you! For forth and rock the delivery of

baby girl Englen!