The Ross Family/Wilsonville, Oregon Family Photographer

Oh, ocean now, I come again before you
Rode along with you

Sun on dreamers
Repeat the faithful once again
Like water on the mountains, that
It's the slipping of the sun"

'California and the Slipping of the Sun'- Gorillaz

I am chugging along  with my blogging, I am now blogging mid -October sessions. lol Oi, it's the end of January!  I am thinking I may need to do a few sessions per blog post so that I can catch up completely. However, I love revisiting and sharing all the images from each session. Like the Ross family. They had recently moved to the Portland area from California, the bay area. I met the Ross family at Memorial Park in Wilsonville for their 'bitty' session and right away I noticed how beautifully stylish Laura is. She reminded me of Zooey Deschanel. And how lovable is Mr. Ross's smile?!  Their sweet boys are all boy.  They love to play with sticks and balls! Their youngest was happiest  when holding his little red bat. Total boy! 

Thank you Ross family for an enjoyable session! Go forth and keep on rockin'!