The Gallagher Family/Wilsonville, Oregon Family Photographer

"One life to live
Many paths to take
One twists and turns and falls away
And flowers bloom in brilliant light
And fade into the night
So much to lose
Or so it seems
These idle games and children's dreams
How they confound and split the seams inside my mind
I just keep moving on into the unknown"

'Moon'- Eve 6

Have I ever mentioned how I love redheads? No, well, I adore them! One of my sons is a copper. I chose the song lyrics because as soon as I thought of Mr. C, I thought of Eve 6 and the lead singer Max Collins who is also a ginger.

Ben and Chelsea have such a sweet, fun little boy and he is a total ham.  Seriously, just look at that smile! And mom and dad are just as playful as he is! I love it! Makes for such a fun shoot. 

Thank you so much Chelsea and Ben for trusting me to capture your fun, lively family! Go forth and keep rockin' on!