Bitty Kiddo Session/Newberg, Oregon Photographer

'Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am, yes she is
Still when I'm a mess, I still put on a vest
With a S on my chest
Oh yes, I'm a Superwoman'

-Alicia Keys- "Superwoman"

Superwoman. I chose these lyrics for Emily, the momma of these three cuties because I think she needs to hear it. Really hear it.

I have known Emily since right before her eldest was born. Emily is incredibly creative, talented,  giving and excels at pretty much everything she does. 

Before we both had our third child, we used to discuss about whether we would. I think we both knew we would. A couple years later life has gotten much busier for the both of us now that we have three little gifts to look after.  I know that I sometimes expect myself to be able to do all the things that I could exactly as I did them before having three. And I feel inadequate sometimes when I screw up, or when I forget to pack snacks, or because I still have not showered and I am at the school picking up my kids, or when I am full of anxiety for no clear reason, or when I just..can't.  And people have expectations. And I worry about whether I am failing my husband, my kids, my friends, myself. I am pretty sure I am not alone in feeling this way. 

Emily, look at these sweet faces. Your precious gifts. Do you see these smiles? Do you see their precious hearts. You are rocking it as their momma. You ARE superwoman. Not because you can do it all perfectly but because you are YOU and because you love deeply, you care, you give of yourself, you keep on going and you are strong. 

This session was particularly sweet. Emily will tell you her world has been rocked (sweetly but still rocked) by adding her little boy. Busy, curious, boy. As a mom to three boys, I don't even bat an eye to the activity level of most boys. But Emily was used to two calm little girls. It was so sweet watching her girls take care of their baby brother. They adore him so deeply and their hearts are so kind. 

The eldest seemed to have a lot of fun modeling for the camera. I love it when someone shows their groove in front of the camera. Miss K, the middle girl, was feeling a little shy this day but when with her siblings she shined. 

I am so proud of Emily. She recently started her own business, Pop-bys on the Fly- Client Appreciation Gifts. She creates these fantastic gift baskets and she is so creative with what she puts in them. Please take a moment to check out her offerings here:

Scharfenberger Family, just keep on rockin' the way you are....just like superheros!