Peterson Extended Family Session/Newberg, Oregon Photographer

Let us explore the world and create some wonderful things while you are exploring.
— Pia
Extended Family, George Fox, Nanci Imagery

Kristi contacted me about a shoot for her family as her son and his family would be in town visiting and I was delighted to be chosen.  I truly enjoy extended family sessions, they are challenging (making sure I get everyone's name correct!) and I get to act even more like a total goober (which I 100% am). I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy meeting new people and learning a bit about them. 

Grandparents, Nanci Imagery

We decided to meet at George Fox University and head into the trails. The kiddos were excited to explore the trails. We did a few group shots and then as I did the individual shots of each kiddo, the ones who were not in front of the camera, they got to take turns exploring with grandma and grandpa. And they seemed to have a blast! Grandma and grandpa included! Exploring together, creating memories together. What a precious gift for them all. 

How sweet are these kiddos?! Little adventurous spirits they have. 

The adult sibling shot...this one is fun to do. I enjoy hearing about what their relationship was like when they were kids. This one sums it up in this case. =)

Siblings, Nanci Imagery

After the trails, we moved on to the stage area to let the kids dance around. Only one was in the dancing mood. The other two were in a running, climbing mood. 

These guys know how to have fun and I am so thankful that they chose me to capture their family. Thank you Petersons! 

Go forth and keep on exploring and rockin' on!