The Riley Family Session- Newberg/Portland, Oregon Photographer

"Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years."

-Richard Bach

I first met the Riley family in October 2013 when Katie hired me to do their family photos. In my mind, we became friends instantly. We clicked. Katie is relatable, smart, gentle-spirited and so easy to talk to.  When we hang out, everything is easy. Conversations flow and I feel relaxed. 

That October day, I did not plan on meeting any new friends but I am glad that God had other plans. As a child, I often felt lonely. So through my life, no matter how full my plate seems, I try to remain open to new friendships. You never know who is needing a friend. And I am so thankful for Katie! 

Riley family- 2013

Riley family- 2013

Fast forward to June, 2015. I love seeing how the kiddos have grown. Not just in size but in personality, maturity and in relationship with each other. The Riley's have two lovely, sweet kiddos. AND even better, the siblings are so loving to each other. On the day of the session they were really into it. I love it when the kiddos have ideas for poses and actions. Big sister is a born leader and little bro finds happiness in whatever is going on. 

Jay and Katie are high school sweethearts. I sometimes get jealous of high school sweethearts. I did not meet my man till I was 26 (at the time I remember thinking I was getting married at an 'old' age!). Jay and Katie make a great team and I can see they have much respect for each other.   

The photos from this session are some of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy them also. 

Riley's, I KNOW you will go forth and rock it! Love you!