Raab Family Session- Newberg/Portland, Oregon Photographer

“Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains, be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart, and the great spirit will always be with you.”
-Indian Proverb

Writing does not come easy for me. One of the reasons why I love images. They can tell a story without words. 

The above photo is a perfect example, no words necessary. However, with a blog I appreciate that extra details from the photographic story can be shared, so I try to write. Yet, when I sit down to tell more of the story, staring at a blank blog page, I freeze. This is where the quotes come from. I start with the first words that come to my mind when I think of the session. The words are usually based of the feelings I experienced from the session or the emotions I witnessed or conversation pieces. With this session the words, "live tall and happy" came to my mind. Hence the quote, it truly fits this family. 

Kellen and Rachel, heads of the Raab family, are tall, 6'8" and 6'5". But there is so much more to them than their height. Let me start off with Rachel. Rachel has been a supporter of my little business way before we even met, which was at the time of the shoot. She referred me to people who were looking for a photographer and she would post kind words on a photo from my business page. When I was feeling down because I was comparing myself to other photographers (which I admit, I do too often!), I would see a comment on one of my photos and it encouraged me.  I bet she has no idea just how much she has helped me....no idea! It's the little things that we do along the way that can really effect a person’s spirit, positive or negative. And Rachel has had a sweet impact on me personally even though we did not even know each other.  

And when I met her is person, I experienced her as an open, strong, confident, warm woman who was excited for her session. But I get the impression that she has this approach to life in general. Positive, with a zest for life. Being around her, I was seemed to walk a bit taller, a bit more secure. 


A bit more about Rachel, she is also a small business owner. She owns and operates, Thought Laid Out, offering custom wood signage.

As a momma to 3 boys, I see myself ordering the “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat! “, in the near future.

You can find her business here:


Or here: https://instagram.com/thoughtslaidout/

A great idea for a gift! Shipping is also an option.

Taken from Thoughts Laid Out Facebook page, an example of the offered products. 

Taken from Thoughts Laid Out Facebook page, an example of the offered products. 

So yes when we met, I saw that she is tall (I am envious!), but beyond that I immediately saw a genuine, warm smile, confidence, and excitement within her. When I was around her I felt a bit taller, a bit more secure in myself. I experienced her as a poised, strong, confident woman who wants to lift up, encourage those around her.

Rachel- Thought Laid Out owner

Rachel- Thought Laid Out owner

Referencing the quote again, it applies to the family as a whole. Kellen, husband/daddy, is strong, kind and quiet, however, after witnessing interactions between him and his kiddos, I could see there is a silly/funny side to him also.   The kiddos were delighted by the flowers surrounding them. Baby girl takes after her momma, she knows what she wants, she is strong and warm. When she smiles her whole face lights up. She liked to be free. Big brother seemed more mature for his young age of 3, a bit more aware and concerning of his surroundings. 

Thank you Raab family for letting me tell a part of your story with images! 

Go forth and continue to walk tall, be strong, gentle and warm and rock on! 

Child Portrait, Nanci Imagery
Child Portrait, Nanci Imagery
Momma and son, Nanci Imagery
Siblings, Nanci Imagery