Newberg Photographer-Photographing another Photographer's Headshots

I had been a fan of Nichole's work for about 2 years before we actually met in person.  She owns LaVoie Photography here in Newberg and does beautiful, clean, timeless work. To be frank, I was super nervous to meet her. I love that she wanted to meet for coffee and talk shop even though we are competitors in the same town, but for some reason it made me nervous. My heart towards other photographers near and far is that we need to edify, encourage and support each other. There is a large enough market that there is no need to be threatened by each other. Each one of us has something unique to bring to our work and each one of us can learn from the other if you are open to it. If you go above and beyond, work hard  and stay true to yourself and keep working on growing, there is no need to be threatened by another. I have read blogs from other photographers of the world where they have had other photographers try to destroy them in various ways. I am proud to say that I have never experienced this. I say 'proud' because I like to think that it is the PNW way to be kind. =) Just kidding, I know there are wonderful people all over the world. I digress, all the local photographers I know personally or via social media are truly supportive and encouraging. It's more like, 'we are in this together' vs 'I am going to tear you down!'.

But still, maybe it's human nature, but I was worried. I mean we are competitors. Aren't competitors suppose to not like each other? I don't know but that's not how I feel. And thankfully, I had no reason to be worried. As soon as Nichole and I started chatting we hit it off. We are quite similar and I love it. We did not even talk photography till about an hour in. She has a warm, giving heart and much wisdom to share. I am so thankful that she reached out to me. 

We both needed updated photos so we shot each others  headshots. You know what, I got the better end of the deal here. Scroll on down and you will see exactly why! Thank you Nichole!

You can find Nichole at and

You know, this blog has me wanting to do a future posts on all the local photographers that I know that I love and cheer on and who's work needs to be seen. Hmmm....

And a few from my session with Nichole.