Together Sessions-What to Expect/How to Prepare

Family/Maternity/Couple Sessions- What to Expect/How to Prepare

*The most important part of this document is the last part- “At the Session”

·         Time

The best time of day to shoot is the golden hour, the short period after sunrise or before sunset. This is when the light is the best, golden and soft. However, oftentimes with little ones, it is there bedtime. If it is possible to schedule a family session at this time, the images will be gorgeous! But is you know your child will be a tired mess that is ok. I prefer a happy, rested child. I know how to find soft, even light any time of day as long as the location is fitting.

·         When to Schedule Your Maternity Session?

The best to shoot your maternity session is when you are between 34-37 weeks along.


·         What to Wear?

1.     Wear something that is flattering and comfortable for you; maybe that is a long dress or a cardigan and jeans.

For the kiddos, choose something that they will be comfortable in. I had a little girl come to the session in a beautiful dress. She was not acting herself, she refused to participate. Later we she said that she hated dresses so did not want to cooperate.


2.     If you do have your daughter in a dress or skirt, please have your child wear bloomers, tights or shorts under the dress. We will be having fun and in the event the skirt flies up, modesty will prevail.


3.     Avoid matching the family perfectly. Instead think of three complementary colors and choose items from those color groups.


4.     Please try to avoid logos.


5.     Here is the link to my Pinterest board for further guidance.


a.     Maternity:

b.     Family:

c.     Couples:


6.     Once you know your color scheme, please let me know, if possible, so that I can choose a coordinating blanket.



·         At the Session.


This is the really important part.


My goal is to capture emotion, personalities, genuine interaction and moments and to preserve memories. To do this, we need personal walls to be broken down. This can be hard when there is a camera around. So, what I would like from you is to come to the session without expectations.  That is easy for me to type, but harder to do. I know. Let me see if I can help.


1.     If I will be photographing children, tell them where you will be heading and that I will be there with my camera to document/photograph/capture your family time together. Word it how you feel will best communicate this to your child/children. Let them know what to expect but at this time, there is no need to bribe them. Bribing communicates that what they will be doing is not going to be fun. Try not to tell them to smile and behave. Think of this time as going to the park but looking your best. We want this to be fun for all. If your child throws a fit, IT’S OKAY! I am patient. (BTW, I have three boys, nothing fazes me). Does your child need to take a break for hugs? Prefect, I will snap away from a distance. Keep the mood light-hearted, do what you know will help your child feel better. Strong-willed child, that’s ok too! Try not to get frustrated or stressed as that just feeds into the child. Do not expect perfect behavior. Besides, I want to capture real life. And without the expectations of capturing perfect children, that’s when we will get the real smiles.


2.     I will direct you to start out with. We will do a few ‘posed’ shots and with these posed shots I will put you in position. But after that, I want you to just be, be close to each other, and interact with each other (and not me!). I will guide this to begin with by asking questions in which to get the interaction going. For example, for a family, I may ask the children to recall a special time with mom. Or who farts the most (yes, I use potty humor to get laughs). For couples I may ask you to recall a special moment that only the two of you know about. I WANT you to engage and talk about it. I may ask sisters to tell whisper a secret. For a family session, we may play games. My goal is to get you less aware of me and more aware of each other and to feel.

* I want to see what transpires/unfolds as each relationship/family is unique.

We want this to shine through!*


3.     Expect to be close. Expect to always be touching someone. Obnoxiously close. So make sure you brush your teeth. =)


4.     Remember to keep your spine tall.



·         Props?

I like the simple, natural style. I do not use a lot of props. I will usually bring a blanket, crate, or stool to sit on. If you have anything that you would like to bring, I am happy to incorporate it, just let me know in advance.


If you have any questions or requests about the session that is not covered here, please feel free to ask.