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God gave a present to me
Made of flesh and bones
My life, my soul
You make my spirit whole
-Madonna, "Little Star"

I first met Arianne and Dustin in March when they hired me to do maternity photos, expecting their first baby, a son.  Each new life is significant and with each pregnancy the waiting and dreaming of what is to come is exciting, however, with the first baby the anticipation seems much greater. I enjoying seeing this eagerness with first time parents. I enjoy seeing the love between the first-time parents and the love they have for their gift who they have yet meet. It's quite amazing to me how someone we have not even met can take complete hold of our whole heart and hold it so intensely. And it was clear that this sweet baby boy already had a hold of Dustin and Arianne's heart. 

Fast forward 2 months and I had been itching to photograph a newborn and I had been waiting for baby boy to make his arrival.  He made his arrival early May and I had the pleasure of photographing him at 7 days young. With each newborn I get excited and nervous. SO nervous. This time when a baby is a newborn is so short, the time is fleeting. It is important to document this amazing time and I am so honored when I am the one chosen to capture this time. And I want it to be perfect, therefore I get nervous. So I prepare, prepare, prepare. 

Bringing it back to baby boy, I will call him Mr. O, well, he was yummy. Seven pound of yumminess. He slept at first but with the set-up change he decided it was time to be awake. But he was happy when he was awake so I was able to get a few awake shots. He is easy to console as all he needs is to be held. And I was happy to oblige (even-though he peed on me, I always seem to get peed on). 

Dustin, Arianne and Mr. O, go forth, grow, experience, laugh,  love and rock on. 

Until next time. -n.s.

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