Selby Family Session/Sherwood, Oregon Portrait Photographer

Not to touch the earth, not to see the sun
Nothing left to do but
Run, run, run
Let's run, let's run

House upon the hill, moon is lying still
Shadows of the trees
Witnessing the wild breeze
C'mon baby run with me let's run

Run with me
Run with me
Run with me
Let's run

-The Doors, 'Not to Touch the Earth'

I am lucky to call Brenda my friend. She is a blast to hang out with. Easy to talk with, chill, funny, a runner, smart and positive.  She is a strong woman.  Brenda and Jeff have been together since they were babies! Ok, maybe not that long but since they were teens. And the Selby family have been supporters of my little business ever since my first year.  And I am ever so grateful. 

This session was smooth sailing. The kiddos were as sweet as can be. My favorite part was at the end when Miss. A and Mr. M were telling each other silly secrets and making each other bust into giggle fits. The best! 

Thank you Selby family for supporting me! Go forth and keep on rockin'!