Hettervig Family/Extended Family Session/ Oregon City, Oregon Photographer

"Wow look at you now
Flowers in the window
It's such a lovely day
And I'm glad you feel the same
Cause to stand up, out in the crowd
You are one in a million
And I love you so
Lets watch the flowers grow"

Travis- "Watch the Flowers Grow"

I had such a delightful afternoon with Cheryl and her family.  The grounds were absolutely stunning, the weather was sunny and warm as is Cheryl and her family.  They welcomed me like an old family friend. Frankly, I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to keep photographing them and chatting.  They are genuine, chill, funny people. The kind that you want to BBQ with. 

The little man of the family is such a character with a happy spirit. He is the one that first showed me how funny my squeaky booty is. If you do not know what my squeaky booty is, well, you should just see me in action. 

At the end of the session I was gifted with some deliciously ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and corn from the Hettervig garden. Mr. Hettervig thoughtfully picked them out for me. When I came home, my eldest son was in heaven. He loves cucumbers and eats them like an apple. 

You know, just thinking of them reminds me that a little thoughtfulness and kindness goes a long way. Being welcomed to the Hettervig home, trusting me with capturing their family, picking veggies special for me and enough for me to share with my family made me feel like I am apart of a community and that I am cared for even though they had just met me. Each one of them showed me kindness and it made me feel good. Not for just the day, but when I think of that day and this family, a smile comes to my heart. 

Thank you Cheryl and family for letting me be apart of your day! Go forth and rock on!!