Pieper Family Session/Hillsboro, Oregon Photographer

"I'm gonna soak up the sun
I got my 45 on
So I can rock on"

'Soak Up the Sun'- Sheryl Crow

The Pieper session! I have so much to say about this shoot. I was so thrilled when Sarah asked me to photograph her family. I had the privilege of photographing her second son's 1st birthday photos a year ago and I was looking forward to seeing them again.

Let me start by talking about what happened before the session. Sarah wanted to do the session at a creek and we had a few places in mind but she wanted to check them out first. I too wanted to check out one of the locations because I was not sure it would be a good creek for a session. So I took my boys out to the location and guess who I see there? Yep, Sarah and her kiddos. She too was checking out the spot to see if it would be a good session spot. I thought that was pretty funny. 

We decided that it would not be  a good fit and we decided on Rood Bridge Park.  On the  day of the session, oh my goodness was it hot! No, it was not just hot, it was humid. So very humid. Not great weather for a photo session. But they handled it so very well. We wanted to do photos by the water but it was just so darn humid. Did I mention that it was humid? Yeah, I am not used to humidity. Do you see in the above photo how wet he is? 

Ok, moving on.....We started at the bridge and as we were all set-up for the first shot, the ducks arrived. And with the ducks  came a multitude of children that wanted to see the momma duck and her ducklings.  So we waited. The ducks left and so did the kiddos. I set-up the shot again and guess what happens? The ducks wanted to cross the bridge again. So the kids came back. We waited. They ducks left. I set-up again. And guess what happened. I kid you not. The ducks wanted to cross again. The kids came back to see the ducks. We waited. And then the ducks crossed again. I literally said, "Are you kidding me ducks?!" BUT this time, the Piepers were behind the ducks and the other kids were out of the way (this time!) and the shot was perfectly lined up. And finally the ducks went back to the water and we were able to officially start the session.  

The Pieper family rocks, they were so patient but busy. Can you be patient and busy also. Hmmm, well, they were. And I love it!  We ran, we did bubbles, we played games and we all rocked it! 

Thank you So much Peiper family for choosing me again! I had a hot, sticky, fun time with you and I look forward to working with you again! 

Go forth, soak up the sun and rock on!