Family Bitty Session-Jarmer Family/Newberg Portrait Photographer

'What'll I give just to hold you close
As on earth
In heaven we will be together baby
Together again ma baby

Everywhere I go
Every smile I see
I know you are there
Smilin' back at me'

-Janet Jackson "Together Again"

©Nanci Imagery-8621.jpg

I first met the Jarmer family in April of 2014 when I photographed this sweet family. 

April, 2014

After our first session together Kristine and I would run into each other at the gym.  I enjoyed seeing Kristine and her adorable little man. I had seen him here and there at the gym but I had not seen her daughter since our last session. So when we met on the day of our current session, I was shocked. I could not believe how much she had grown. I know, it's such a cliché and of course when one does not see a child for some time, it is expected to see how they have grown. But still....I don't know, it's surprising. 

These two kiddos so tenderhearted with each other. Big sister seems to enjoy being a big sister and bro adores her. It was delightful watching the two of them together. 

It truly brings me joy when I get to see families again that I have photographed in years past. Thank you dearly Jarmer family for choosing me to photograph your family. Mom and dad, you are doing an amazing job raising up these sweet kiddos.

Go forth and continue to teach and  lead in love and kindness and of course, rock on!